Monday, August 13, 2012

London Calling

Usually these Olympic opening and closing ceremonies are dull, lifeless, bizarre and a waste of time and money.

Thank you, London, for showing the rest of the Olympic host cities how to do it right.  The Who, Freddie Mercury looking as young as ever, Spice Girls looking good, Russell Brand lip syncing his way through a strange performance (would we have him any other way), three people I have never seen or heard before (although I enjoyed their Rolls Royce entrances), George Michael stopping in from the men's locker room to perform Freedom,  Eric Idle singing a song from one of my favorite movies and even Madness of all groups playing Our House (still one of the greats).

A celebration of everything British.  I even spent time educating the boys on who everyone was and who else should have been there (no Stones or Zeppelin, England?  WTF??).

I also can't wait until the boys are old enough to watch my favorite movies with me.  Most are adult oriented (Life of Brian) or a bit too scary (Jaws - although my 12 year old watched it with me a few weeks ago and claimed to have not been traumatized despite his hesitation to go swimming in the ocean a few days later) or violent (Goodfellas, Godfather, French Connection) or long (Bridge Over River Kwai). 

It also provoked this conversation:

If the United States had the same celebration who would we have as musical guests?

Only one definite I would say:  Bruce Springsteen. 

But who else?  Let's keep in mind they still need to be able to perform and epitomize what American music is all about.  Or helped evolve it into what it is now. 

Tentative list that is open for comments and debate:

Bruce Springsteen

Stevie Wonder

Michael Jackson (ala Freddie Mercury.  How about Rockwell performing with a video MJ singing the chorus??)

Run DMC (I would pair them up with the remaining Beastie Boys.  Damn, they should do that anyway!! I would buy that album.)

Madonna (as much as it pains me)


Beach Boys (although after the Grammy's I'm not sure I want to witness that again)

BB King/John Lee Hooker/any other decrepit blues guitarist that can still keep their heads up

The Brady Bunch kids

Fats Domino/Chuck Berry/whoever is still alive from that era

Diana Ross (I'm grasping at straws here)

Green Day (if England can have half of Oasis, we can kick ass with Green Day)

Eminem/Dr Dre/Snoop Dogg

Black Keys

and, of course, Debbie Gibson and/or Tiffany

Who am I missing?  I left Aretha Franklin off because she's in rough shape, but if she could get out there she's a definite.  I would think Mariah, too?  What about Carol King?  Simon and Garfunkel?  Just Simon?  Van Halen (with Roth)?  This conversation could go on for days....


Rob said...

Xtina or Britney would need to follow Debbie/Tiffany.

Love your choice of Green Day and Black Keys.

How about Smokey Robinson?

While wracking my brain, I kept coming up with only British folks -- Peter Gabriel, Morrisey, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins.

BTW -- Radio BDC on is kicking ass so far. Have you listened to the ex-FNX lineup? I'm hoping it's a success.

BeachBum said...

Yeah, I was considering them, but they fall under the 'able to perform' area. Britney is a mess still and Christina can barely move depending on how she's dressed.

Smokey Robinson is a definite. Kicking myself for leaving him off.

I'm amazed by the staggering number of influencial British musical artists. You mention those four and I'm thinking of Sex Pistols, The Clash, XTC...

Shit, if you consider who was left OFF the Olympics list they would crush who we could get to perform at our fake Olympic concert. Fuckin' English arseholes.

I haven't. Been considering an entry railing against the state of modern radio (and against Clear Channel wiping their ass with our ears) but who even listens to radio any longer?

Besides us, of course. Will give that a listen. Just glad they're still around to introduce new music to us.

While we're here, the current 101.7 is shit.

Rob said...

Out of protest, I deleted 101.7 from my car's pre-set buttons. I was sad to also learn that 103.3 is now just another KISS 108 type shit fest. Usher, Rhianna, Flo.Rida, etc.

My go-to station is now 102.9. My only complaint about them is their playlist, while at times great, is pretty repetitive. I did a lot of driving yesterday and heard Green Day's Oh Love 3 times and Bob Marley's One Love 2 times. Great songs, but too repetitive.

Rob said...

meant to say my go-to station is 92.9 WBOS.

Anonymous said...

Prince, for sure. Maybe throw in some Dolly Parton to represent country music. Add a tribute to the '90s grunge era. Throw in a little Cee Lo and Jack White to keep it eclectic but without getting too morose.

BeachBum said...

Not sure about Prince. He went off the rails with the Batman soundtrack and never bounced back. At best he had five good years. Besides, he wouldn't show up.

Dolly Parton is a good one. Totally ignored country music (personal preference). We could have her and Willy Nelson duet.