Monday, September 17, 2012

NFL Postmortem - Week 2

Man alive, what a Sunday. 

First, my morning was spent trying to figure out if Hakeem Nicks was going to play.  He was listed as 'Questionable' all week.  My gut told me he was going to play.  Ten days off between games, he's been resting all week, he looked decent in the opener (even if Eli didn't). 

Finally, around 11:30 I get word that he's going to play.  Off I head to my buddy's house to watch the Pats.

On my way, I get a text that Wifey reads off to me 'Nicks is inactive!'

What the hell?  Fortunately (not really, but stay with me) I have Yahoo's Fantasy app on my phone.  I walk Wifey through changing my roster - replacing Nicks with Lance Moore.  Go ahead and check out the disparity between those two yesterday. 

I get to my former friend's house and he's got the wide screen TV, a laptop streaming another game with another laptop showing everyone's fantasy scores.

Imagine my surprise when Hakeem Nicks pops up with numbers.  'Uh, dude?'

His face drops, 'I swear the TV said he was inactive.  Yahoo confirmed it'.

I spend the afternoon watching Nicks fantasy score climb to over 30 points.  Lance Moore?  My replacement?  4 points. 

Second, there is a new guy in my league who replaced a psycho all of us wanted gone.  Draft day seemed fine, but once the games started he's turned into a flaming asshole.  He jumped the waiver wire to steal Ogletree THE DAY Dallas was playing.  Several of us protested, but he's refusing to hand him over (we all hope Ogletree never catches another ball the rest of the season).

He then offered me two trades the day after Jay Cutler left a steaming pile of fantasy shit all over my computer screen (9 points?????!!!!).  He offered me Drew Brees and some no name RB for Andrew Luck and LeSean McCoy.  No thanks.  I like McCoy and wouldn't trade him for Brady.   Well, maybe....

I refused that trade and he immediately came back with Drew Brees and Toby Gerhart (Petersen's backup) for Petersen and Luck.  To that I said yes.  Hell I get Brees and keep McCoy and DeMarco Murray?  Done and done.  Plus, there is a good chance Petersen has a set back from knee surgery and Gerhart is suddenly valuable. 

Nearly minutes after I accept the trade, someone posts that they would have given this new guy more than I did for Brees.  New Guy posts a few hours later that he wants the trade voided.  Well, fuck that.  I post and say nothing.  The way it works is the trade gets voted on by the league.  If more than half refuse it, the trade is off. 

This morning the trade became official and the commish posts that if we want to void it, we have to re-trade the players back to each other.  New Guy posts 'Yes, please.  Let's do that'.  I'm not doing that.  He offered a trade and I accepted.  Fuck a do over.  Just because he wants a better deal doesn't mean I have to take a bath on it. 

Third, imagine my pleasure when my starting tight end gets hurt on the very opening play of the game.  Yup, I had Aaron Hernandez who is now out for at least six weeks.  Whatever fantasy football god I offended last season with all my injuries is apparently still pissed off at me.  Sorry for whatever I've done, football deity.  I am truly sorry. 

Lastly, of course, is the Pats game itself which fluctuated from anger at their play to elation from a last minute fumble recovery to joy watching Woodhead rumble in for a last second touchdown to frustration over a stupid hold (which was entirely unnecessary) to complacency when I realized our kicker is one of the best in the league to disbelief when he missed a game winner BY A MILE!

Overall it has not been a fun football week for me.  Therefore I'm foregoing any game analysis since my anger will cloud any positive aspects and I'll wind up writing something insulting and regrettable.

Consider this my mature side (finally) showing itself. 

I will give you this, however:

Stat of the Week:  Jay Cutler, Aaron Hernandez and Lance Moore combined to get me 13 fantasy points.  My kicker (Mason Crosby) scored 14. 

Here's hoping I enjoy next Sunday a whole lot better than this one. 

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