Friday, October 12, 2012

Scarefest 2012 - Paranormal Activity 3

Today's Movie:  Paranormal Activity 3 (2011).  Viewed during EPIX free preview. 

Starring:  Nobody I have ever seen.  The two sisters from the first two movies make a cameo mainly to lay the ground work for what we're about to watch.

Plot:  Same as the first two movies:  Found video footage shows us increasingly agitated and annoyed ghosts wreaking havoc on a family.  In this case we witness the origins of the two sister's paranormal involvement. 

Gore Factor:  Barely any.

Nude Factor:  None, although there was promise when husband and wife get high and begin shooting a home made porn.  Alas, things get interrupted by a party pooper ghost. 

Scare Factor:  Not bad, although we should jump to the review for further explanation.

Review:  I am fully on board with the first two Paranormals.  Thought they were well done, super scary in parts and actually had a story thread connecting the sisters and the first and second movies (which happen in parallel, it seems).  I don't hate the third one but about halfway through this one (right when the babysitter arrived) I realized I was just seeing the same movie all over again.  Yes, there are creepy moments, genuine jump in your seat scenes (one of which had me laughing) and the actors come off as a genuine family and likable people you would want to hang around with.  What makes these movies effective aren't the camera tricks (although they pull off a great one here with the oscillating fan rig) but making us care about the characters.

The problem here is that staleness begins infringing on the latter parts of the movie.

Bottom Line:  If you enjoyed the first two, you'll like this one.  It also does a good job tying the stories together but I had moments of boredom once deja vu took over in the last half of this.  Not terrible by any means, but the originality of the series is starting to wear thin.  I should confess that the knowing PA4 is on the way didn't help my frame of mind while watching this one. 

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