Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crush of the Month

Let's be clear, there needs to be a VERY good reason for me to dig this Crush of the Month thing out of the dusty, moth ridden, blog closet. 

And what better reason than this lovely lady.

Who?:  Actress/model/pretty sure she's a witch considering the spell she's cast over me, Lauren Cohan. 

Wait, maybe this will help:

Oh, yeah.  You see what I mean, right?  Of course, if you've been reading here for any length of time you would know that looks aren't everything.  I demand substance from my hotties.  Although, those eyes are beguiling, are they not?  Don't stare at them too long for I fear you will never look away. 

Really, who is this?:  It's Lauren Cohan, dammit!  Does she actually need an introduction?  Fine, she's been in the show 'SuperNatural' (It's SUPERNATURAL...duh duh duh dadadada duh duh dadadada - sorry, inside joke), 'Chuck' and...well....let's leave that for the next section....

What else?:  What really brought her to my attention was her turn as Maggie in 'The Walking Dead'.  One of the great aspects of this show (besides the blood, gore and general carnage) is watching characters develop over the run of the show.  Imagine my pleasure when the new hotties decides to get down and dirty with our sensitive, Asian hero on her second episode (or third, I forget). 

Morphing from horny, sheltered, preacher daughter to relentless zombie killer was....well...frankly....it was sexy as hell.  Take the above, trim some hair, and add a machete (you know, to save on ammo). 

You can imagine how that picture winds up -  Gloriously. 

That all?:  No, it's not.  What spurred this entry....

Oh shit.  Wait.   SPOILER ALERT!!!!  For Walking Dead fans anyway...


What prompted me to add Lauren to this highly esteemed list of honorees was her character, Maggie's, direct impact on the death of one of the most annoying characters on the show.  I won't give away who, but if you watch this you know exactly what I mean.  She should have sliced her open long ago. 

Really, that's all?:  Well, no.  Cohan does look great in a bikini.

And?:  Has a killer smile and is one of the few women that can pull off orange:

Out with it!!:  Fine!  Despite all of the above there is one person who understands the complete reason behind adding Cohan to the list.  How weird is it that she was in 'SuperNatural'?

As infatuated as I am with this lovely lady, she doesn't come close to the who she makes me think of.  You know who you are and why this is posted.  You put this one to shame.

Although that dress is kick ass!

Congrats to Lauren Cohan for being BeachBum's Crush of the Month. 

And congrats to the other person for being my crush of a lifetime.

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