Thursday, November 1, 2012

Foiled Foliage

Over the past three years two twigs I barely paid any attention to have morphed into massive, view destroying trees that I keep hoping will get wiped out in a storm.  Every thunderstorm or half hearted hurricane or punk ass blizzard that rolls through gets my hopes up.

I've been denied every time.

Enter Sandy, which admittedly the Boston areas were mostly spared from.  Businesses were dismissed early and I spent a majority of Monday staring out the back window using my meek mental powers to persuade the two trees to take a dive. 

The trees aren't enormous and they have sprouted from the same trunk.  Since we live on ledge rock the roots probably only go down a few feet before spreading out.  They're also growing out of the side of a wall and have been leaning over the side yard of the house behind us for the past two years.  How they've held on this long is beyond me.

But this past week I felt the circumstances were perfect.  We had a light, soaking rain for nearly 36 hours before the fury of the wind even hit us. My thinking was if the ground was muddy the wind would have a better chance of pushing those two eye sores out of my life forever. 

For the record, I have nothing against trees in general, it's just that my back yard is surrounded by trees from our surrounding neighbors that have increasingly blocked sunshine.  This past summer was the worst with mushrooms actually growing during the longest dry period we had this past June. Mushrooms!  In summer.  When there was no rain.  That the trees aren't on our property means I can't even hire anyone to come take them down.  Even if I could, they are so difficult to get to I'm not sure anyone would agree to do it. 

So Monday was my day!!  I could feel it.  Two trees, not fully grown, leaning out from a wall, growing in shallow soil that was soaking for two days and the strongest wind we've had in years. 

As I stood by the back window with my fingers crossed, my seven year old jumps up on the couch to stare out the window the window with me.

'What are you looking at?'

'Those two trees are going down today.'

'How do you know that?'

'Because this storm is perfect for it to happen.'

'Well, that one is falling over,' he says, pointing to the right.

Sure enough a MASSIVE elm tree directly to the right of the two small ones falls way from our house.  Mud spews all over the yard, dying leaves go flying, twigs and breaking branches flip and fall out of sight.  My son and I look at each other and, at the same time, say 'Awesome!'

I ran out to make sure the house behind us wasn't hit and run into our neighbor who had the tree in his yard.  He says the same thing I was thinking 'We're going to have a lot more sun in our yards'.

So, while my two nemisis tress are still standing, we unexpectedly have way more skyline than we've had in over ten years.  Even this morning I could notice the difference. 

But I'll still try to force those other two trees over in my mind during the next storm.  It will happen!


Rob said...

Curious -- why don't you pull them up or cut them down yourself? Sounds like those two rogue trees are actually in your yard, so you have the right to remove them, correct?

BeachBum said...

No, they're just over the property line, but the way they're growing only disrupts my view. They're also way too big for me to cut down myself. Not full grown, but not babies, either.