Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Musings

Some random thoughts and stories to pass along while you digest leftovers.

-  Belated Happy Birthday to long time reader/co-owner of this space, DA, who I believe just turned 40.  Congrats on reaching such an important milestone! 

-  One of the changes an adult undergoes after having children is a new found appreciation for the holidays.  I used to ABHOR this time of year until son #1 turned two.  It's usually that age they display that special enthusiasm only kids can exude when it comes to shiny things, lights and trees inside a house.

It can be contagious. 

Sadly, eldest is now 12, doesn't believe in the red man any longer and has been warned he will be penalized with death (read losing his XBox) if he tells his little brother. 

-  While I know this makes me a terrible person, I could help but laugh out loud when I heard Ronald McDonald dropped dead during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  Perhaps it was how my friend told me: 'You hear a clown died during the parade?'

Or perhaps I'm just a dick. 

Perhaps both?

-  My fantasy team is falling apart.  I was in third place two weeks ago despite having lost DeMarco Murray, Ben Tate, Hakeem Nicks and Aaron Hernandez to injuries and Brandon Lloyd to the Patriots offense.  Since then, I've lost LeSean McCoy to a concussion then last night I lost Andre Brown to a fucking broken leg.  This is two years in a row my roster has been decimated by injuries.  Good thing I don't pay two hundred bucks to play in this league.  Oh, right...I do.

-  Let my oldest and his cousin watch 'Alien' with me over the weekend.  By the end both of them were on the edge of their seats with their hands near their eyes.  Nothing like traumatizing a new generation of kids with a classic. 

This is the first time I've watched it in over a decade and admit it stands up well considering it was made thirty years ago. 

-  I've decided it's the perfect time of year (not to mention time of my life) to start taking vitamins on a daily basis.  I went out and bought Men's One A Day since I'm a man and I only want to take one of them a day.  I'm logical like that.  Directions on the back of the bottle:  'Take two a day'. 

I'm going to guess women can take these, as well, since false advertising is a business plan with this group. 

-  Watched the new 'Fright Night' and couldn't have been more disappointed.  Taken alone I suppose it was ok, but compared to the original it doesn't even come close.  Kudos for getting Chris Sarandon to play an unsuspecting victim (like he had nothing better to do) and Colin Farrell has quickly become under rated after being over rated for years.  Between this and 'In Bruges' he's cruising lately.

-  Had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister in law's house which is always a highlight.  Her husband and I get along famously and he has a tendency to push my alcoholic tendencies (which completely explains why we get along now that I think about it).  He even had a shot of Bailey's waiting for me when I arrived.  I wanted to wait until after I ate, but he rationally explained that it wouldn't have as much of an effect on us if we waited until after we ate.

Solid point, my friend!!!

So we had a pre dinner shot, a post dinner shot (to aid with digestion, of course) and one more for the road.  Good thing Wifey was driving home although I did not feel the slightest bit tipsy even after those three shots and several beers. 

-  The Wednesday before we broke for the long weekend, my colleagues and I gathered in my office and discussed how we were spending the holiday.  One joked that we should be doing shots before we leave today.  Without hesitating and opened my bottom drawer and pulled out four nips of Jack Daniels. 

'Run down to the vending machine and get some Cokes and we're in business'

One of the guys looks at me in all seriousness and said 'You are a TERRIBLE influence'.

Amazingly, I have heard that exact phrase from four different coworkers over the past decade.

And they're all dead on!


c. said...

I don't know if I've said this out loud, but I've definitely thought it: I wish I worked with you.

BeachBum said...

What's funny is when I pulled out the nips, another one of my coworkers said 'How have we not met before this?'

So, I'm either loved or hated. There is very little room for middle ground.

Anonymous said...

32...thank you very much! And thanks!!!

BeachBum said...

Only 32?! Seems unlikely. All you Hollywood sorts lie about your age anyway.

Hope all is well, my friend!

Anonymous said...

So I hadn't actually read the whole post until now...just the part about me (there should be more of those) I haven't changed. Anyway, yes only 32 and proud of you want to share your age? And I'm confused, which one of us was the terrible influence?

BeachBum said...

You were one of the four people that called me a terrible influence, my young pretty friend. I believe it was when you were trying to stop drinking but I dragged you to JJ Foley's for our Friday lunches anyway.

Not that you weren't exactly a good influence on me, either. I do believe HR had to get involved when complaints surfaced that I was spending too much time at the front desk.

Man, those were fun times.

I'm 45 but happily still act 16.