Monday, November 19, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Below is the Christmas List my seven year old handed to me yesterday.  It's verbatim and all misspellings are his:


-  Nook

-  Bugati (put on the street)*

-  14 diamonds

-  15 gold**

-  pet spider

-  Mighty Eegle Angry Bird***

-  100 dollar card for ipod

Few notes:

*  In case you aren't a car fanatic, the Bugatti Veyron is the car he is referring to.  It cost just in the general area of two million dollars and can get up to speeds of nearly 300 miles per hour.  I found it considerate of him to let Santa put it on the street instead of struggling to get it into our living room.

**  I'm assuming this means he wants 15 gold PIECES.  He's been into the video game MineCraft lately and is obsessed with diamond and gold and obsidian and sapphires and anything else that can be pulled out of the ground. 

***  This Angry Bird he's talking about costs over 100 bucks and weighs more than I do.  The thing is massive.  Even if he did get it, there would be no safe place in his bedroom to store it. 

When I told him that not even Santa had unlimited resources, he looked at me as if I had five faces.  'Dad, he doesn't have to buy a Bugatti...he can just build me one.'

'What about the gold and diamonds?  He can't make those'

'He can just take them from the houses he visits before ours.  People are trying to get rid of their old jewelry all the time.  They can leave them out for him and he can give them to me.'

There you go, Santa.  You now need to resort to a life of crime in order to satisfy my kid.  Good luck!

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