Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scarefest 2013 - The Innkeepers

Today's Movie:  The Innkeepers (2011) viewed on Netflix streaming

Starring:  Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and a nearly unrecognizable Kelly McGillis.

Plot:  Two slacker 20 somethings are the last remaining employees of a centuries old New England Inn (thus the title).  Boredom has pushed them towards proving there are paranormal events happening at the hotel.  They spend their time tending to the few remaining visitors and recording events throughout the night. 

This being a horror movie and all, things take a turn for the worse.  If you've ever seen any horror movie at any time in your lives, you can figure out which way this one turns. 

Gore Factor:  Slight.  There is a bathtub scene that is bloody, but there isn't too much.

Nude Factor:  None, although I was hoping for a better shower scene since I'm head over heals for Sara Paxton.

Scare Factor:  Pretty good, actually.  There are some moments that will stick with you (especially in the final 30 minutes) and several jump out of your seat moments. 

Review:  I'm not sure why other movies have such a hard time figuring this out or, at the very least, getting it translated into the movie, but when we care about characters it makes what happens that much more intense.  Great horror movies (or thrillers for that matter) always involve us in the people themselves.  If they're assholes or wooden cut outs, the stakes aren't nearly as high. 

'The Innkeepers' gets this right.  Introducing us to two co-workers, sometimes friends, possible love interests who are fun to simply hang around with.  Investing us in their personalities and camaraderie intensifies everything that happens.

It certainly helps that Sara Paxton is fucking adorable, charming, slightly insecure and unsure as Claire.  Helps a lot, actually, since she's the focal point of the plot.  There are several laugh out loud moments throughout, as well.  The two of them getting drunk and staging a ghost sighting; the mother and son who are trying to prove a point to her distracted husband; an interesting cameo by an off the wall coffee shop employee. 

While the scares and horror aren't anything unusual (although this does have it's moments), the acting and directing make this an enjoyable time. 

Bottom Line:  Have fun with this one.

Also, resistance is futile

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