Friday, October 4, 2013

TV Chatter

Slacker indeed, my friend....

With the launch of the new television season, let's touch base on some of the returning and new shows I've had the (mostly) pleasure to view. 

No talk of 'Breaking Bad', by the way.  I just finished season two.  Judge me all you want, but I just don't have a ton of time to binge watch like I used to.  Hell, I finished the first season of 'Lost' in three days. 

Let's get to it.

The Voice:  Not the greatest show, but it's a fun, family friendly distraction that we can tune into whenever we want.  I prefer the blind auditions, but wifey and my youngest prefer the knock out rounds. Basically, the more it becomes like 'American Idol' the less I watch.

It helps that I feel a kinship with Blake Shelton because I'm 90% sure there is booze in his cup during these shows.  I think we would have a blast hanging out. 

The Good Wife:  Getting a bit sick of the Alicia - Will thing and this season seems to be putting that aside for more important, career story lines.  The writers/creators have kept my interest since the beginning, so I have no reason to doubt them now. 

New Girl:  Not nearly as funny as the first season, but it's still entertaining enough. What I find interesting is them tackling the 'What Now?' aspects of hook ups and the balance of friendships and love interests.  We've all had conflicts like this in our lives but this is the first show to address them (in a funny way, of course). 

Brooklyn Nine Nine:  We stumbled across this during it's first episode and were hooked immediately.  Safe enough that the boys can watch with us.  My youngest laughs at this harder than anyone.  I'm assuming your enjoyment of this will depend on your view of Andy Samberg (who I keep referring to as Adam Sandler).

'Hi, I'm Detective Right-All-The-Time and this is Detective Not-A-Good-Detective'.

The Millers:  Either nobody can figure out what to do with Will Arnett (besides 'Arrested Development') or he picks terrible projects.  He's had more sitcoms who had a lot of sitcoms in which to star.  Yet, again, this is a forgettable, boring, predictable, stupid one.  Pity.

Dads: WTF is this mess?  How does the creator of 'Robot Chicken' agree to make something this terrible?  Is this an experiment?  Are they trying to top 'Who's The Boss' or 'Full House' as one of the worst series of all time and see how many people watch?  Please, end the madness.  Not sure why this is called 'Dads', either.  Much of it takes place in a workplace.  Might as well just call it 'People You Wouldn't Spend Time With'.

The Blacklist:  Whatever.  I watched the first episode and it wasn't nearly enough to hold my attention.  It was ok, but I don't have time for a show that's just ok.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD:  The biggest surprise so far.  Much funnier than I expected (which is a great sign) and decent acting.  That Sam Jackson showed up as Nick Fury in the most recent episode makes me wonder if Tony Stark or (more likely) Thor will make an appearance.  In a nutshell this is old fashioned, brainless, fun. 

Sleepy Hollow:  Have only seen the first episode so far, but was impressed with what I saw.  Much better than the premise sounds (which, admittedly, is ridiculous).  Give it a shot if you see it On Demand. 

NFL Red Zone Channel:  Still the best invention in the history of forever. 

The Big Bang Theory:  Please tell me I'm the only one that doesn't find this show funny.  Is it me?  Am I missing something?  I just don't get it.  It's not terrible, mind you, but (at best) it's an average sitcom that has become wildly popular for reasons I don't understand. 

The Goldbergs:  'The Wonder Years' for the 80s?  Pass.

Parks and Recs:  Not off to a great start.  Still better than most shows, but it's showing strains along the seams by losing Andy to London and the baby subplot.  Enough with the recall effort, too.  Get back to the basics.  I'd rather watch a spin off with Andy and his English doppelganger at this point.

Actually, holy shit.  They should totally make a show about those two. 

Shows I Haven't Watched But Seem Terrible So I Probably Never Will:  'Sean Saves The World', 'The Micheal J Fox Show', 'Trophy Wife', 'Ironside', 'Back In The Game (aka: The Bad News Bears for TV')

What do all of these shows have in common?  They have been promoted ENDLESSLY throughout the summer.  The winner being 'The Blacklist' which I saw ads for so many time I've lost count.  My theory is the more a movie or show is pimped, the worse it will be.  I've been proven correct time and time again.

Let me know if I should pick up on some show (sorry, not 'The Mindy Project').

Enjoy the weekend. 

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