Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekend Of Chaos

Let's start today off with a confession:  I'm old.  I'm approaching the age where sleep is nearly as important to me as sex.  I'm not there yet, but the impulses are waging battles that become more epic by the day. 

Therefore, I can not be blamed for bailing on the Red Sox at 10 pm on a Sunday night with them down 5 - 1.  Not only was I sick of watching this beloved and bearded team swing at pitches in the dirt, I had to work in the morning.  Remember: Old. 

While I had witnessed the Patriots stick a dagger in yet another member of the Ryan family, I was shocked when Wifey says to me the next morning 'Red Sox won last night'.  I misheard it as a question and replied that they were down four runs and looking terrible so I doubt they won.

She says, 'No, I'm looking at it now. The Red Sox won last night'.

Throughout the season they've been pulling wins out of their collective asses, so I really shouldn't have been that surprised.  Although if you had seen the first game and two thirds of this Detroit series, you couldn't blame my skepticism.  Sanchez made them look foolish Saturday and they looked no more competent against Scherzer. 

What I found most amazing is that the two athletes that were involved in both comebacks have been around for a full generation of Boston fans.  My 13 year old was born just before the season Brady won his first Super Bowl.  He was a pup when Big Papi carried the Sox to their first World Series in 86 years.  He was the one who showed more confidence in Boston sports in 2007 when he told me not to worry about the Sox' being on the brink of elimination against Cleveland.  'Don't worry, Dad', he said, 'I know the Red Sox will win.'

Since the year of his birth he's been a part of five Super Bowls (three rings),  two NBA Finals (one ring), two Stanley Cups (one ring), and two World Series (both wins).  Hell, he's had more championship parades to attend in his first 13 years than I had my first 30.

Stupid, spoiled brat. 

One positive about aging is I have grown more objective regarding sports.  They aren't nearly as important as they used to be.  I still root for all Boston teams, but can appreciate other teams better (well, except the Lakers who I hate with every cell in my body).  I am a full fledged Kevin Durant lunatic (as is my oldest son) and keep hoping the Celtics pull some sort of trade to get him to Boston (it's called daydreaming). 

It was this objectivity that made me make a bet with my 8 year old while watching the Patriots game.  Tom Brady had just thrown an interception with a bit more than two minutes remaining.  Brees has the ball back now and I said 'Well, that's that'.

Youngest says 'Dad, there is still time left'. 

'Tell you what,' I fatefully say to him in a ridiculous attempt to teach him about odds, 'If the Patriots win this game, I'll give you 10 bucks'.

The kid is now 10 bucks richer and had his first lesson in Tom Brady.  He may be a fan for life now. 

Of gambling, that is.

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