Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thoughts

Some ramblings for your consideration.

-  Just as I'm getting back into writing in this space, I get promoted.  WTF?  I've basically just jumped multiple levels to become in charge of the entire North American Department.  I should point out that I have ZERO managing experience and this entire idea is going to implode like a supernova.  The whooshing sound you'll hear in the coming months is my effect on my company.  Might as well change my nickname to Black Hole.  Well, wait....that sounds gross.

-  On the plus side, I can now approve my own travel plans.  And there are several offices in southern California that need some TLC.  I should probably spend the month of February there introducing myself and taking people out to dinner. 

-  While I'm flattered for the unexpected promotion, I can't help but hark back to that classic commercial and cringe a little:  'When I grow up I want to be a middle manager'.

-  One positive in my blogging break (I refer to it as a hiatus to trick myself into thinking anyone cared) is the lack of bizarre advertising spam comments that used to follow each post.  So, either Google has rid the world of them or they have no idea I exist.  Kind of like the rest of the world.

-  While I'm thoroughly enjoying 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' I can't get past the similarities to 'Parks and Rec'.  All the characters are the same in each show:

The competent, yet goofy lead

The humorless, tough chick

The eager, competitive one

The dude that should have retired years ago and sticks around to be the butt of everyone's jokes (if there is an episode that reveals Christy Brinkley as his wife, I'm out).

The best friend who kisses ass

The no-nonsense leader of the office (precinct)

And, as I found out, there is a reason for this: The original 'Parks and Recs' show runner is now in charge of 'Brooklyn Nine Nine'.  So at least he's ripping off himself. 

-  My long held theory regarding fantasy football is being confirmed on a weekly basis. I firmly believe that if you don't have an elite quarterback, you have no chance.  I would go so far as to say QBs should be drafted ahead of running backs. 

Sadly, it's my own team confirming my suspicions.  I have Cam Newton who has been up and down all year.  On games he gives me over 30 points, I'm undefeated.  Games under 30....not one win.  So yeah.  It's been that kind of year.

-  Anyone catch that David Blaine special last night?  I don't think there is any hidden, sleight of hand with him.  I think he's actually a wizard.  There is no other explanation.  Harrison Ford's reaction to one of his card tricks is fantastic.

-  My wife's uncle died a couple of weeks back and we decided it was time to introduce our boys to the wonders of wakes and funerals.  My eight year old was enthralled with the entire process.

'Is that him?   Why does he look like he's sleeping?'

'Why don't they just close the lid of the coffin?'

'Casket?  That's the same thing as a coffin?  Why don't you just call it a coffin?'

'When will he become a zombie?'

'Who is taking care of his dog now?'

'Why are there things in the coffin with him?  He can't use them anymore.'

'How come some people get buried but others get burned up?'

'Can I jump in the grave?'

'If I die, make sure you put in my iPod so I still play games.'

-  The joys of management #1:  Since the announcement came out regarding my new position I have received and replied to more emails than I have my entire time at this company.  It's been three days. 

And...there is another one.  Gotta go. 


Anonymous said...

Seriously?! And I hope by "people in So Cal" you meant me...

BeachBum said...

Seriously. We're looking at a January time frame at the moment, but things tend to change.

And who else would I mean. I need to be caught up in all things DA!