Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Game Changer

Yeah, I know.  It's been a while.  Apologies all around as I've been all over the country (not to any place fun, unfortunately) and have been busy cleaning up projects, acclimating to my new position and recovering from the worst stomach bug in a generation.  My digestive system still isn't right.

Was that too much info? 

Leave it to television to spur me to write.  As most loyal readers know I'm an adamant 'Good Wife' viewer and even wrote about how it never rests on it's laurels by constantly changing the story.  Alicia as mother re-entering the work force, Alicia and Will as a possible couple, Alicia and Will as a couple, Alicia becoming admired and successful, leaving the firm to start her own.  Like life, nothing is static in the Good Wife universe. 

Everything is constantly evolving.

Now would be a good time to issue the standard 'Spoiler Alert' warning.  I'm about to discuss last Sunday's episode so if you haven't watched it yet, read no further.  Or skip down to other topics. 


Last Sunday the show killed off Will Gardner.  In hindsight we should have seen this coming.  Will and Alicia's animosity had subsided a bit and they became mutual admirers.  They even shared a light moment during his last trial.  Throughout the previous episode before Alicia spent time reminiscing about how Will helped her get back into practicing law.  Before he died, he tried to convince Kalinda not to leave investigation since 'it's what we do'. The circle is complete. 

Hopefully this isn't a jump the shark moment, but I must admit that it will be fascinating to see how these characters react to losing a close member of their lives.  It also creates a power vacuum in the new Lockhart Gardner law firm and we all know how ruthless lawyers can be.  Plus the show has rewarded my skepticism at nearly every turn.

One more note.  Unlike other shows that make a big deal out of deaths and goodbyes (looking your way Jimmy Smits and 'NYPD Blue') Good Wife took out their lead male with barely a word.  One minute he was going about his daily activities, the next he's gone.  There were no confessions or last minute forgiveness or sappy soliloquies. 

Kudos, as well, for the entire cast and crew keeping this shocker a secret.  Usually we hear well in advance about an actor leaving a show, but this came as an absolute surprise.  That the case involved was introduced near the beginning of this season shows the creators were setting this up for a while.  Well done, Good Wife. 

Some other thoughts from my travels.

-  I've been to Dallas three times in the past three months.  This gets tired quickly as you can only eat the at the same places before getting bored.  Dallas has always felt like an impersonal city to me.  IT doesn't have a personality and, instead, tries to be everything to everyone.  There is an mammoth mall, restaurants all over the place, traffic for as far as the eye can see in nearly every direction, and more construction than I've seen since the Big Dig.

My lone saving grace is a heavenly place in Addison called The Elite Cigar Café.  On one side is a cigar store.  Attached is a pub with more TVs then the ESPN green room (I would assume).  Games of all sorts are on display and visible from every couch, booth and bar stool in the place.  If the weather is nice you can sit outside on the patio.  When I first stumbled across it I sent some pics and an email to Wifey: 'I found my Nirvana'.

Btw, the Elite Cigar Café shares the same plaza as a sex shop called 'Condom Sense'.  I'm a sucker for three things:  Great band/store names, blondes and great beer.  Well, any beer, really.

- Oh, that reminds me.  Big news here in the Boston area!  They've started selling Yuengling all over the place.  I have no reason to go to the mid Atlantic region at all any more.  Screw them.  I get my own Yuengling here now.   

-  Spent two days in Kentucky a couple of weeks back.  I went to the bar that shared the parking lot with my hotel and forgot they still allow smoking in the bars.  Didn't take me long to high tail it out of there.  While I was eating a dude next to me (who looked and sounded just like the serial killer from 'Silence of the Lambs') said to the woman next to him, 'My mom and dad split and she wound up marrying his cousin.  They had a kid so my half brother is also my second cousin'.

Do you think even West Virginia looks down on Kentucky?

-  Was supposed to visit Rochester NY the following night, but a blizzard knocked that plan for a loop.  Instead I drove from Boston the following week.  Does anyone else take the estimated drive time a GPS provides as a personal challenge?  The Garmin said 7 hours, but I made it in 5 hours and 45 minutes.  Garmin is a slow poke. .

-  I did get to visit with an old friend while I was in upstate NY, though, and she still looks fantastic.  We used to have lunch together all the time and I miss our conversations. 

-  Boat season is quickly approaching which means I probably won't be posting again until October.  Ok, maybe not that long.  I'll put up some pics of my fun times on the seas.  We're planning weekend trips to fun places along the coast and (possibly) bringing it up to Maine on our annual vacation.  That's up for debate since gas costs so much. 

That's all for now, friends.  Catch up with Good Wife if you haven't already. 


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